A care-free collection handmade in paradise embodying the free spirit of island life with natural Resort wear fabrics, Organic knits and body nourishing swimwear. 

Broochini Swimwear fabrics are woven in Italy and the collection is brought to life in Bali. By employing traditional sewers we hope to preserve the art of handmade manufacturing while creating beautiful swimwear that we love to wear.  The energy and spirit of the island infuses the collection with its breathtaking landscapes of rain forests, oceans and coconut groves, all bathed in endless sunshine. Designed with a passion for nature and its unbridled beauty, the collection is reminiscent of tropical beaches and the wanderlust they inspire.



The true beauty nutrient, Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from free-radicals. It boosts the production of collagen and contains nourishing and hydrating antioxidants to neutralise the effects of free-radicals caused by ultraviolet radiation- soothing sunburns, reducing stretch marks  & maintaining the skins elasticity for a youth boosting, hydrating effect.


Aloe Vera known in Ayurvedic healing as the miracle plant for its ability to elevate the mind, heal the body, and uplift the soul. The plant is an incredibly nourishing and healing antioxidant that’s a master detoxifier growing wildly in tropical climates. It is a natural source of powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols which hydrate, nourish and accelerate the regeneration of new skin tissue. The healing properties of the Aloe plant were utilised for centuries in Egypt earning the name Plant of Immortality and The Elixir of Longevity for its healing and rejuvenating powers.


Buttery-soft swimwear styles are woven in Italy and infused with skin nourishing Antioxidants rich in Vitamin E and soothing Aloe Vera to beautify and soften precious moisture in the skin on sun soaked days to help with prevention of skin ageing, free-radicals and stretch marks through deep hydration.
 UPF50+ UV protection and healing Antioxidants are micro-encapsulated into the fibre of the fabric. The body activates the life force of the material and nutrients infuse the skin to enhance hydration, softness and luminosity.  Our fabrics are individually created to capture the beautifying, skin nourishing properties of plants and nature.  
Fabrics are dermatologically tested in Milan, Italy and each material has been certified by Bureau Veritas Italia.


The Après Surf collection is made with the purest Organic materials and natural yarns, made entirely in Italy and obtained from Organic origins, certified by ICEA, in compliance with the Global Organic Textile Standard. The natural cotton is from controlled and certified organic farms in Italy. The farms respect the strictest criteria, ensuring animal health and wellbeing, chemical and pesticide free, thereby preserving water resources. These yarns are dyed using products selected to respect the highest environmental standards.



All Broochini Swimwear and Après Surf pieces are designed as hardware free, which ensures an ultra smooth fit to the body. We use re-purposed, organic or earth friendly properties where possible and design each piece with 'regeneration in mind'. Keeping our collection pure and hardware free looks beyond recycling and creates a circular supply chain with the integrity of nature at the forefront.