A carefree collection embodying the free spirit of island life with natural resortwear fabrics, organic knits and swimwear infused with nourishing Antioxidants, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Inspired by fresh silhouettes with a hint of charm, beauty and wellness all in one youthful, wearable piece.


Broochini embodies a new-light. Earth friendly Swimwear designed to nourish your mind and body with a free-spirited take on natural beauty. Woven in Italy and handmade in paradise on the magical island of Bali, her beautiful nature, soulful people and enchanting energy infuses the collection so vibrantly. Each piece is created with love and inspired by the breathtaking Balinese landscapes of tropical rain-forests, oceans and coconut groves, all bathed in endless sunshine.


Rejuvenate in swimwear infused with nourishing Antioxidants that were specially selected to help enhance softness, hydration and luminosity. Feel the intense feeling of nourishment unfold as the buttery-soft swimwear gently infuses your skin with Antioxidants rich in Vitamin E and healing Aloe Vera replenishing and softening skin to glowing, supple dewiness.
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Beauty in simplicity is reflected in seamless design, hardware free with the softest Italian fabrics that feel as free as air. Designed with a passion for nature and its unbridled beauty, the collection is reminiscent of the tropical beaches and the wanderlust they inspire. Effortless silhouettes with a tan enhancing colour palette and earthy, neutral shades remain simple, beautiful and carefree all summer long to inspire ultimate island living.  


The name Broochini (Br-cchini) is inspired by the rare wildflower Brocchinia-Tatei. The plant can only be found on the Tepui region of the Guiana highlands in Brazil, growing wildly above Salto Angel, the highest natural spring waterfall in the world. The flower is synonymous with tranquility, peace and serenity.  


Every part of Broochini has been lovingly hand chosen and handmade by local artisans in Italy and Bali. Organic materials, free-flowing forms and the power of nourising Antioxidants combine to give each piece its own story, each with its own spirit of beauty. We created Broochini in the hope of sharing the magic and beauty with everyone. The small thoughtful details matter a lot to us when taking care of a wish for the perfect modern shape fused with style and beauty. Design elements resonate softly with each other to create an aura of peacefulness and harmony.